what you seek is seeking you – Rumi

I love Rumi. I love about everything I’ve read that he wrote or spoke of. When I was single and seeking my love, my best friend told me “as much as you are looking for him, he is also looking for you”. He was right. I’m blessed that we found each other….but wait..this wasn’t starting out as a mushy love post…i digress.

What this started out in my head as, was a post about fitness actually. I have hit a wall lately…not feeling the urge to run, not feeling like I was getting any progress going. So I stopped for a week..then when I felt kinda ready to start again, I hurt my foot. I spent another week thinking about crosstraining. I dont’ much like swimming, but its a good option..builds endurance and is easy on the body while I recover. Also thinking about biking…something else I don’t much like..but i need the convenience with my schedule being as it is. ( the injury, by the way, is a Ganglion cyst…ouchies..but not much to be done besides whack it HARD with a book…truly..look it up! OUCH!) Anyway, my point is, i’ve been thinking about shaking up my workout routine, but wasn’t sure how and it seems the Universe is pushing me in that direction whether I like it or not.

Now…I wonder…as I seek more money…is it seeking me too?? ;)

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4 thoughts on “what you seek is seeking you – Rumi

  1. I know what you mean. I’ve been very faithful to going to the Y four times a week. Then three. Now I’m struggling to drag myself there twice a week. I’m sitting here now debating whether to get my but out of this kitchen chair and head over there. But it’s the start of swimsuit whether here in Virginia Beach, so I’m going. Let me know about the money thing. I didn’t get the money people my address and I’m afraid they won’t be able to find me.

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